Mom Was Right…You Are Special.

by on Jun 13, 2012 | 0 comments

Well, you started out that way.

Each of us began life as a once-in-a-universe happening…totally unique…ODD.

But, over time, life has rubbed up against us, making many of us “Even.” Perhaps you have concluded that being ODD — being true to yourself — is somehow negative or an ideal that you should long ago have abandoned. Perhaps the idea of being ODD may even seem a little scary.

Throughout our lives, we are expected to do things by society’s standards. We are trained, early in life, how to think and how to fit in so that we may “succeed,” as it is defined by the rest of the world.

We are all born with ODDITUDE. But then, the vast majority of us allowed our families, schools, friends, coworkers, and playmates to blunt the sharp edge of our spirits until all the ODD had been smoothed away, and we are all flat and even.

As my grandfather often said to me, “ODD is when you are true to yourself. ‘Even’ is when you are ‘true’ to the wishes of others at the expense of yourself.”

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