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by on Dec 19, 2011 | 1 comment

It’s “The majority rules” and not “The majority’s right.”  At one time, most people thought the world was flat.  That did not make it so.  There were ten people atop a very tall building.  These ten people voted unamiously that gravity did not exist.  On their way off the top of the building, one person slipped and fell…off the top of the building.  Around the fourth floor, he changed his vote.  Yes, “Perception is reality.”  Somtimes.  In sports, all the time, you hear about one team “upsetting” another.  What was “upset?”  Only the opinions of some sports “experts.”  In sports, there literally cannot be an upset.  That’s why two teams play each other.  To see who’s better.  I am amused when I hear a commercial say, “Seasoned just right.”  Just right for all 300 million of us?  As my dad used to say, “Listen to everyone’s opinion.  Take no one’s advice.”  (From Dr. John R. Powers’s book, ODDITUDE published by HCI Press.  Soft cover.  About $16.00).

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